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†: 1st authors

*: Corresponding authors

_ : Members

J.-I. Lee, K.-Y. Park, H. Park, H. Bae, M. Saqib, K. Park, J.-S. Shin, M. Jo, J. Kim, S.-J. Song, E. D. Wachsman, J.-Y. Park

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J. Ahn, B. Park, J. Kim, M.-K. Um, J.W. Yi, J.-K. Yoo

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Q. Liu, X. Han, H. Park, J. Kim, P. Xiong, H. Yuan, J.S. Yeon, Y. Kang, J.M. Park, Q. Dou, B.-K. Kim, 

H.S. Park

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J. Kang, H. Park, W. Ko, Y. Lee, J. Ahn, J.-K. Yoo, S. Song, H. Kim, J. Kim*

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H. Park, Y. Lee, M.-K. Cho, J. Kang, W. Ko, Y.H. Jung, T.-Y. Jeon, J. Hong, H. Kim, S.-T. Myung, J. Kim*

Energy & Environmental Science, 14, 1469-1479 (2021)

Y. Lee, J.-K. Yoo, H. Park, W. Ko, J. Kang, J.H. Jo, G. Yoon, H.-G. Im, H. Yashiro, S.-T. Myung, J. Kim*

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 5475-5484 (2021)

S.R. Choi, J.-I. Lee, H. Park, S.W. Lee, D.Y. Kim, W.Y. An, J.H. Kim,  J. Kim, H.-S. Cho, J.-Y. Park

Chemical Engineering Journal, 409, 128226 (2021)

J.-S. Shin, H. Park, K. Park, M. Saqib, M. Jo, J.H. Kim, H.-T. Lim, M. Kim, J. Kim, J.-Y. Park

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 607-621, (2021)

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