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†: 1st authors

*: Corresponding authors

_ : Members

J. Park, D. Han, J. P. Son, H. Kwak, W. Ko, C. Park, C. Lee, H.-W. Lee, J. Kim, K.-W. Nam, Y. S. Jung

ACS Energy Letters, 9, 2222−2230 (2024)

M. Choi†, H. Choi, S. Park, W. M. Seong, Y. Lee, W. Ko, M.-k. Cho, J. Ahn, Y. Kong, J. Kim*

Energy Storage Materials, 67, 103291 (2024)

6. Unraveling Reaction Discrepancy and Electrolyte Stabilizing Effects of Auto-oxygenated Porphyrin Catalysts in Lithium-Oxygen and -Air Cells

B. Kim, H. Park†, H.-S. Kim, J. S. Lee, J. Kim*, W.-H. Ryu

Carbon Energy, Accepted (2024)

5. In-Situ Techniques for Atomic-to-Bulk Scale Analysis of Li Rechargeable Batteries: A Review

S. Lee, S. Park, J. Seok, J. U. Kim, J. Kim*, W.-S. Yoon

Carbon Energy, Accepted (2024)

H. Park, S. Lee, H. Kim, H. Kim, M. H. Alfaruqi, G. Alfaza, J. Kim, H. Park, J. Kim*, M. Agostini, Y.-K. Sun, J.-Y. Hwang

Carbon Energy,  Accepted (2024)

W. Ko, S. Lee, H. Park, J. Kang, J. Ahn, Y. Lee, G. Oh, J-K. Yoo, J-Y. Hwang, J. Kim*

Carbon Energy, 6, e454 (2024)

W. Choi, S. Oh, S. Hwang, S. Chae, H. Park, W. Lee, C. Woo, X. Dong, K. H. Choi, J. Ahn, Y. Kim, X. Zhang, J. Kang, H.-S. Bang, J. Jeon, H.-S. Oh, J. Kim, J.-Y. Choi, W.-S. Yoon

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 12, 7122-7131 (2024)

H. LeeM. KimH. ParkY. YooS. NaH.-D. LimJ. KimW.-S. Yoon

Advanced Functional Materials, 34, 2312401 (2024)

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