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†: 1st authors

*: Corresponding authors

_ : Members

14. Heterostructured Ni–Co Metal Alloy and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as a Polysulfide Mediator for Stable Lithium–Sulfur Full Batteries with Lean Electrolyte

H. Park, S. Lee, H. Kim, H. Kim, M. H. Alfaruqi, G. Alfaza, J. Kim, H. Park, J. Kim*, M. Agostini, Y.-K. Sun, J.-Y. Hwang

Carbon Energy,  Accepted (2023)

B. Ku, H. Ahn, S. Lee, J. Ahn, M. Choi, J. Kang, H. Park, J. Kim, A.-Y. Kim, H.-G. Jung, J.-K. Yoo, J. Kim*

Energy Storage Materials, 62, 102952 (2023)

J. T. Kim, H.-J. Shin, A.-Y. Kim, H.-S. Oh, H. Kim, S. Yu, H. Kim, K. Y. Chung, J. Kim, Y.-K. Sun, H.-G. Jung

Journal of Materials Chemistry A,  Accepted (2023)

11. Substitution of Transition Metal with Ti4+ : Enhancing Structural and Electrochemical Stabilization for High-energy P3-type Cr-based Layered Oxide Cathode in K-Ion Batteries

W. Ko, S. Lee, H. Park, J. Kang, J. Ahn, Y. Lee, G. Oh, J-K. Yoo, J-Y. Hwang, J. Kim*

Carbon Energy,  Accepted (2023)

W. I. Kim, J. S. Yeon, H. Park, H. J. Kim, M. J. Kim, J. Kim, H. S. Park

Composites Part B: Engineering, 264, 110886 (2023)

W. Ko†, J. Kim†, J. Kang, H. Park, Y. Lee, J. Ahn, B. Ku, M. Choi, H. Ahn, G. Oh, J-Y. Hwang, J. Kim*

Materials Today Energy, 36, 101356 (2023)

[Invited paper featured in themed collections: Energy Science & Technology at Sungkyunkwan University]

C.Youn, W. Ko†, A. Jo, J. Lee, S. Yeo, Y. Seo, J. Lee, B-S. Lee, J. Kim*, T. Choi

Cellulose, 30, 7177-7191 (2023)

M. Choi†, H. Ahn†, H. Park, Y. Lee, J. Ahn, B. Ku, J. Kim, W.Ko, J. Kang, J-K. Yoo, D. Kim, J. Kim*

Journal of Energy Chemistry,  85, 144-153 (2023)

J.Ahn, H. Park, W. Ko, Y. Lee, J. Kang, S. Lee, S. Lee, E. Sim, K. Ihm, J. Hong, J-K. Yoo, K. Ku, J. Kim*

Journal of Energy Chemistry, 84, 153–161 (2023)

Y. Lee, J. Kang, J. Ahn, W. Ko, H. Park, J-K. Yoo, W-S. Yoon, J. Kim*

Materials Today Energy, 35, 101325 (2023)

[Invited paper featured in themed collections: Energy Science & Technology at Sungkyunkwan University]

Y. Kim, W. Kim, H. Park, J. Kim, H. Cho, J. Yeon, J. Kim, Y. Kim, J. Lee, H. S. Park

Advanced Energy Materials, 13, 2204353 (2023)

H. Park, Y. Lee, W. Ko, M. Choi, B. Ku, H. Ahn, J. Kim, J. Kang, J.-K. Yoo, J. Kim*

Batteries & Supercaps, 6, e220200486 (2023) 

[Invited Review]

W. Lee, Y. Lee, H. Park, M. Choi, S. Kong, J.W. Yang, J. Kim, W.-S. Yoon

Energy Storage Materials, 56, 13-24 (2023)

S. Lee, W. Ko, H. Park, Y. Lee, J. Kang, J. Ahn, S. Lee, E. Sim, K. Lim, K.-Y. Park, J. Kim* 

Chemical Engineering Journal, 451, 138883 (2023)

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