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†: 1st authors

*: Corresponding authors

_ : Members

J. Park, J. Son, W. Ko, J.-S. Kim, Y. Choi, H. Kwak, H. Kim, D.-H. Seo, J. Kim, Y. S. Jung

ACS Energy Letters, 7, 3293–3301 (2022)

Q. Liu, X. Han, Z. Zheng, P. Xiong, R.-G. Jeong, G. Kim, H. ParkJ. Kim*, B.-K. Kim, H. S. Park

Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2207094 (2022)

S.H. Song, S. Hong, M. Cho, J.-G. Yoo, H. M. Jin, S.-H. Lee, M. Avddv, K. Ikeda,  J. Kim, S. C. Nam, S.-Ho, Yu, I. Park, H. Kim

Chemical Engineering Journal, 448, 137685 (2022)

Y. Lee†, H. Park†, M.-K. Cho, J. Ahn, W. KoJ. Kang, Y. Choi, H. Kim, I. Park, W.-H. Ryu, J. Hong,  J. Kim*

Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2204354 (2022)

Y. Lee, J. Kang, J. Ahn, W. KoH. Park, S. Lee, S. Lee, J.-K. Yoo,  J. Kim*

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, 20080–20089 (2022)

[Invited paper featured in themed collections: Journal of Materials Chemistry A Emerging Investigators 2022]

J. Kang†, J. Ahn†, H. Park, W. Ko, Y. Lee, S. Lee, S. Lee, S.-K. Jung  J. Kim*

Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2201816 (2022)

J. Ahn,  H.-G. Im, Y. Lee†, D. Lee, H. Jang, Y. Oh,  K. Chung, T. Park, M.-K. Um, J. W. Yi, J. Kim*,  D. J. Kang, J.-K. Yoo

Energy Storage Materials, 49, 58-66 (2022)

W. Ko, M.-K Cho, J. Kang, H. Park, J. Ahn, Y. Lee, S. Lee, S. Lee, K. Heo, J. Hong, J.-K. Yoo, J. Kim* 


Energy Storage Materials, 46, 289-299 (2022)

H.-S. Kim, B. Kim, H. Park, J. Kim*, W.-H. Ryu

Advanced Energy Materials, 12, 2103527 (2022)

W. Ko, B. Ku, H. Park, J. Kang, J. Kim*

Ceramist, 25, 76-89 (2022)

S.-K. Jung, H. Kim, S. H. Song, S. Lee, J. Kim, K. Kang

Advanced Functional Materials, 32, 2108790 (2021)

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